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5 Most Common Objections to Tracking Church Website Analytics

When we asked the question on Twitter recently, "What's the biggest challenge you face when evaluating your church website analytics?", the results were telling. Read More »

Free Ebook: The Top 5 Church Website Stats You Should Be Tracking

Church workers often get overwhelmed with the idea of measuring website statistics. Some of the questions we hear often sound like this, "Which stats are valuable?" "What am I supposed to do with the data once I have it?" "How can this make our website better?" Read More »

All Hands on Deck!

For the first time in company history, our entire company convened at MonkDev headquarters in San Diego, CA for an all-hands meeting. With 10 of our team members working remotely—the Carolinas, Iowa, Texas, Washington, and various parts of California—the entire team had never before met at... Read More »

The Biggest Church Website Needs for 2013

We asked a simple question: What is something you will need on your church website in 2013? Hundreds responded and we picked the ones most indicative of the overall themes. Here is what church and ministry leaders from across the country will be implementing on their websites in the next... Read More »

Merry Christmas from MonkDev!

A very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Monk Development! Learn how to download all of our resources for free! Read More »

Beat the Church Website Bloat with Content Strategy

One of the most frustrating components of a church website can be the abundance of clutter. Sloggy, bloated, unwelcome clutter. The more we talk to church leaders and communications teams from across the country, the more we realize creating and maintaining website content is a huge problem. It... Read More »

Develop a Church Content Strategy to Create a World-Class Website

When a user goes to a church website to find information on programs, services, or to find directions, you have 7-30 seconds to keep their attention. If people can't find what they need, they will go elsewhere. A cluttered website is not only irritating, it could be sending potential church... Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving from MonkDev!

From all of us, to all of you: Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate, here are 10 facts you didn't know about Turkey Day. Read More »

Introducing New Monk Korrie Browning!

I am pleased to introduce you to our newest Monk, Korrie Browning! As you'llsee, Korrie's wit is legendary–as is her love of pasta. Korrie will be re-locating to San Diego shortly to continue her work as Monk's newest project manager. Read More »

Multisite Church Content Problems (and Solutions)

As a multisite community with five total locations, Eagle Brook Church serves 18,000 people on a typical weekend. Challenges abound for any church of this size, but our work with Eagle Brook revolved around their website. Put simply, we wanted to help connect the dots between the church's "5G"... Read More »