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Introducing New Monk Korrie Browning!

I am pleased to introduce you to our newest Monk, Korrie Browning! As you'llsee, Korrie's wit is legendary–as is her love of pasta. Korrie will be re-locating to San Diego shortly to continue her work as Monk's newest project manager.

I sat down with Korrie recently to talk Austin, pop culture, and perfect Saturday nights. Read, enjoy, and join us in welcoming her to the team!

1. It looks like you've enjoyed a wide variety of places to call "home." What's the best part of each city you've lived in?

So lets go back to where it all began. In Houston I learned offensive driving skills,

 because you’ve got to have an offense and defense to play the game, right? I will also never crave any food like I do Niko-Niko’s Greek café.

As for Arkadelphia, the middle of nowhere plus a bunch of poor college kids is a breeding ground for creativity. I have never met a more passionate group of Christians so completely dedicated to doing huge things for Christ. As a side note, OBU alumni are everywhere and we all act like each other’s best friends even when we are total strangers. Or maybe we’re more like the mafia.

Let’s see now… San Diego, I knew I’d always come back to you. Terry Senate Surfboards (ok, technically San Clemente) does not get enough credit. Who else can say that their surfboard shaper is coming to their wedding in Texas? God is moving in this city, get ready.

Now for the crème de la crème, the motherland, the true capitol. I love Austin. It’s weird, it’s crazy and has really good everything. ACL, SXSW, The University of Texas, Hopdoddy’s, Torchy’s Tacos, SoCo and all of those random things you just wouldn’t understand unless you lived here. Austin, I’ll miss you, keep it weird.

2. It sounds like most of your nutritional sustenance comes from pasta. When you're not enjoying a big bowl of spaghetti, what other kinds of food/cuisine do you enjoy?

There are other kinds of food? I suppose I could be bribed with a taco. I’m not discriminatory against other carbs either. Rice, bread, all things bad for you. I like to make dinner for people and the San Diego office might want to prepare for an influx in baked goods. Fair warning.

3. Let's take your legendary sarcasm out for a test drive with some word associations. Ready? Share the first thing that pops out of your mind:

  • Ryan Seacrest: apparently the number one authority on all things Olympic.
  • Detroit Lions: who cares?
  • Harry Potter: secretly hidden in every Christian closet.
  • iPad Mini: in case your other 10 apple products weren’t enough.
  • Twilight: You’ll never be Happy Potter, never.
  • Justin Bieber: No, you can’t be my boyfriend because you were like, a baby, baby, baby.

4. You have a Saturday night entirely to yourself. What do you do? How do you spend the evening? What's your idea of a perfect night?

Alright, lets pause here for a minute. I have been living the long-distance relationship life for the past year and a half, so Saturday nights have been less than exciting. However, if I am allowed to amend the question slightly, I would hope to not be entirely to myself. I’d like to either be at a Longhorn football game, winning of course, or spending the evening in downtown Austin with my husband-to-be doing whatever spontaneous thing we come up with. Oh, and not having to wake up early would be the cherry on top (night services at church are a gift from above).

5. What else do we need to know about Korrie?

Is this a trick question? You see, if I told you everything then it wouldn’t intrigue you enough to come ask me yourself. I love to talk, as is evident from a way-too-long “short” blog post.

I suppose you should know that I am a dog person. The real kind of dogs, not those precious little yappers that fit in your purse. The bigger, the better.

I have been with my fiancé for four years now and after starting work with Monk, graduating with my Master’s, moving to San Diego and a couple holidays in there, I will finally get to marry Mark on January 4th in Dallas, Texas.

Oh, and when I say, “let’s get coffee,” I mean it. Right now would be ideal.

Welcome, Korrie! You can keep up with her on Twitter at @korrie21.