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Free Ebook: The Top 5 Church Website Stats You Should Be Tracking

The 2011 Social Media Effectiveness Study revealed the majority of churches did not do the following on their website:

    1. Track engagement data
    2. Identify or research their potential online audience
    3. Set up free website analytics systems like Google Analytics.

    Put simply, many churches are ignoring powerful and easily accessible data to their own detriment.

    Learn how to measure data that matters.

    Church workers often get overwhelmed with the idea of measuring website statistics. Some of the questions we hear often sound like this, "Which stats are valuable?" "What am I supposed to do with the data once I have it?" "How can this make our website better?"

    This free ebook will show you the five website metrics you need to be tracking on your website. DOWNLOAD HERE.

    Use website data to create a better ministry process.

    These five stats are easily accessible on Google Analytics, a platform we recommend and use daily. It's free and provides you mountains of data, most of which you'll never have a use for (but it's good to know it's there).

    Each stat will show you how to build a better website with the results. Make the ministry process of your website flow better, learn where the "bottlenecks" are, and see how other churches are positioning their top content for maximum viewership. DOWNLOAD HERE.


    What gets measured gets managed. Start tracking data in a simple, smart way. Build a plan to create action points from what your users are telling you!

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    Download: The Top 5 Church Website Stats You Should Be Tracking