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What We Do

    Mission Alignment Process


    Web Development



    Content Strategy

  • Mission Alignment Process

    We'll meet with your team on-site and do the hard work of discovering or clarifying your mission. Understanding your unique mission as an organization is the cornerstone for an effective website. We'll answer questions like, "Where do we want to be in the future?" "How do we make decisions as a company?" and tie the answers into an online strategy. Learn More
  • Design

    Monk Development believes that design is a critical selection criteria for a client. Often users will form an opinion about your company within seconds of visiting your website. Our goal is to pair your design needs with the right designer to ensure you make the right first impression. Monk Development has hand-picked a handful of designers that we work extensively to deliver the right design for you. Monk manages the entire project to ensure your needs are met. View Case Study
  • Web Development

    From the mobile to the desktop, we deliver great looking and user-friendly web sites on our award-winning CMS, Ekklesia 360. We have extensive experience integrating with social platforms like Facebook & Twitter as well as third party services like ServiceU, Church Community Builder, TheCity, and more. Our experience and understanding of web development best practices means we are able design and implement a web strategy that achieves your strategic goals on the latest web technology. Learn More
  • Functionality

    A beautiful design is only as strong as the user experience that comes with it. At MonkDev, we strive to stay up to date with the latest web-standards and practices. Your site will not only look great, but it will function smoothly, keeping your user happy and your content upkeep low. View Case Study
  • Products

    Our core expertise is our Content Management Systems. Monk builds custom content management systems and tailors these to our clients' needs. Monk also builds content management systems for niche markets. View our CMS products for more information. Learn More
  • Content Strategy

    Great content meets your peoples needs and supports your church's mission. It keeps people coming back for more. Bad content is not usable, redundant, and visitors don't know what to do next — people come, look, and leave.
    How do you determine which content stays and goes? Do you have too much content? Too little? More importantly, does your content connect with your organizations mission and is it getting results? View Case Study


Monk brings a team of experts to each project to ensure your needs are met. Our expertise in building comprehensive solutions can solve your organizations objectives and give you peace of mind. To see how each piece fits into your strategy, check out what we do above, contact us or get more information below.

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