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Building Your Social Media Base: Social Listening Tools

This is the first week in the "Building Your Social Media Base". We'll take a look at how to intelligently and consistently build up your social media fan base. This week we show you what tools to use to start listening! Read More »

Building Your Social Media Base: A Look Ahead

"How do I get more followers?" It's a question that we hear often at Monk. We've looked at how to build a basic social media strategy and how to do it in an hour or less. But we've never looked at how to get more fans until now. Right now, in fact. Read More »

5 Ways to Change Your Church Culture By Hiring a Consultant

"Consultant". Somewhere along the lines, it became a four-letter word in the Church. Whether you are one or you're looking to hire one, "consultant" (and his big brother "consultancy") became a scarlet letter that told others, "What we're doing isn't working." But it's not your fault you think... Read More »

Establishing ROI for Social Media and Ministry

Gary Vaynerchuck says that establishing the return on investment (ROI) on social media is like asking, "What's the ROI of your mother?" Couple this difficulty with the messiness of ministry and you have a bonafide conundrum on your hands. Read More »

Six Online Trends Your Ministry Must Address Today

Tune in Thursday, June 23 for a special CLA webinar presentation as CLA conference favorites and online ministry experts Drew Goodmanson and Dr. Dave Bourgeois share six need-to-know online ministry trends. Read More »