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Beat the Church Website Bloat with Content Strategy

One of the most frustrating components of a church website can be the abundance of clutter. Sloggy, bloated, unwelcome clutter.

The more we talk to church leaders and communications teams from across the country, the more we realize creating and maintaining website content is a huge problem. It makes sense, since most people go into ministry to serve others and not to tinker around with a website.

A Cluttered Website Hurts the Church

But often times, we've seen the church website become a barrier to entry. It actually inhibits a church's ability to serve others. In a digital world where you literally have seconds to deliver the content users want, obscure and outdated content causes users to scurry along.

An example: When a person moves to your town and visits your church website, can they easily find what they need for a first-time visit? If not, our data shows they will go elsewhere. Think of the church website as the new welcoming committee. Digital content plays a bigger role in this than you might imagine.

Content Strategy as a Proactive Measure

Content creation, governance, and maintenance–known as content strategy–is a process churches need to begin implementing immediately. A thorough content strategy shows churches which pages on their website work, which ones don't, and who's in charge of the content.

In short, it puts churches in a proactive position to use their website as a ministry tool.

Free Content Strategy White Paper

We've put together a white paper on church content strategies. It shows you the good (connecting organization goals to the website), the bad (what happens when a church website goes neglected), and the ugly ("our website was a mess and no one wanted to admit it").

Click here to download it for free.

After downloading this free resource, you'll learn:

  1. How some of the biggest churches in North America approach content strategy.
  2. How to begin to evaluate content on your own church website, measuring effectiveness and readability.
  3. The warning signs of an ineffective church website.

Again, this is a free download. Grab a copy for you and your communications team here.