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Faber is Here! New Responsive e360 Theme Now Available

The creation of a new theme isn't just about offering a new church website design. It’s much deeper than that. We understand this website is going to be used by you to attract, engage, and develop your community. You have a lot invested in ensuring this website helps you reach your... Read More »

A Sneak Peek Look at the Latest e360 Church Website Theme

We’re getting set to launch our next responsive e360 church website theme. We’ve spent a great deal of time thinking through how churches can use this theme to attract, engage and develop their communities. Check out this sneak peek to learn more. Clear path for website... Read More »

Kenny Kaye Transitions to Engineering and Design

Kenny has been around MonkDev for a while now. He started out as a front-end website developer and has since transitioned to a full-time Developer and UX/UI Designer. Kenny has a heart of gold and is considered to be a modern-day renaissance man. We recently had a chance to sit down with Kenny... Read More »

A Speedier Ekklesia 360

“47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.” ~ Gomez & Akami Poor page load times can have a negative impact on a visitor’s perception of your website. Churches aren’t immune to these perceptions, especially with new visitors. “40% of... Read More »

Increase Your Church Event Attendance with These Simple Tips

As we move towards Halloween, churches across the nation are finding creative ways to attract and engage their communities. Primarily through “trunk or treat” types of outreach events. These events are a way for a church to connect to their community.   After reviewing several... Read More »

Recap from the CFCC Certification Lab West Coast

At MonkDev, we understand church communicators face certain challenges. You often feel like you have to solve all these problems on your own, which is simply not the case. Especially with help from CFCC Certification Labs, MonkDev free resources, and our strategy offerings. What... Read More »

Ministry Partner Interview: Content Strategy and Its Role in the Church

We recently had the opportunity to interview one of our ministry partners, Don from Worship Center, on content strategy and its role at his church.  Don, your team is currently working on a redesign, can you share more about that? Two years ago we began rebuilding our church website. It was... Read More »

CMS Podcast Recording How Analytics Can Help Your Church Website

Knowing what happens on your church website is important. To do that effectively you must have analytics set up on your church website. But, as we’ve found, only a small percentage of churches actually have analytics set up on their website. In fact, only 33% of churches have an... Read More »

Download These Free Fall Graphics

We are in the first few days of fall. It's an exciting time, leaves start to change colors, pumpkin flavored food is everywhere, and you're gearing up for the busiest time of the year. With everything that you need to get done, you might be overwhelmed. At MonkDev, we'd like to help. We know... Read More »

Use Your Website To Share The Stories Of Your Church

We all have been touched by a story. It sparked something deep inside us that no announcement could ever do. Stories also have a way of living on, capturing our attention and driving us to take action. As a result, more and more churches are seeking to share stories online. At MonkDev, we help... Read More »