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Increase Your Church Event Attendance with These Simple Tips

As we move towards Halloween, churches across the nation are finding creative ways to attract and engage their communities. Primarily through “trunk or treat” types of outreach events. These events are a way for a church to connect to their community.  

After reviewing several church event pages, we found many churches are trying to accomplish two goals. The first goal is asking people to come to the event. This isn’t hard to understand, as a church if you have an event you want the community to be there. The effort to attract visitors is also occurring through the church’s social media.

All of a churches outward facing efforts should be geared to attracting and encouraging people to attend, but they are not.

Churches are also diluting their message to get volunteers to help make these events successful. The problem with this approach is that it sends mixed signals to the people who might attend. For example, how excited or motivated would you be to attend a church event that still needs

  • Volunteers
  • Supplies
  • Financial Support

Many of these pleas are over the top and sound as if the event won’t happen unless the needs are met. This does not help the first goal of attracting people to the event.

So what’s the best approach?

At MonkDev, we recommend you focus on one thing for your event page. For “trunk or treat” events, you’re trying to attract members of your community to the event. Focus the content you create on that one goal.  If you need volunteers for an outreach event, use internal channels to get them or create a separate place for volunteers to go.

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