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Recap from the CFCC Certification Lab West Coast

At MonkDev, we understand church communicators face certain challenges. You often feel like you have to solve all these problems on your own, which is simply not the case. Especially with help from CFCC Certification Labs, MonkDev free resources, and our strategy offerings.

What is a CFCC Certification Lab? 

The Lab is an intense workshop put on by the Center for Church CommunicationIt's a great opportunity to connect with other church communicators and learn from their successes and failures. The insight shared by the instructors; Gerry True, Stephen Brewster, Kelley Hartnett, Phil Bowdle, Mark MacDonalds and Chuck will change the way you approach church communications.

Check out the tweets below to see what we mean. 

Free Content Strategy White Paper

At MonkDev we’ve found the best way to achieve results is through a content strategy. This strategy addresses the complex series of issues created by the sheer quantity of content produced by churches.