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How Can I Make My Church Staff Page Better?

You want your site to be the best that it can be because it reflects back on your church. One area that is often overlooked is the staff page, which is not great considering it’s generally one of the most visited pages on your site. In fact, here are the top viewed pages in order of... Read More »

MonkDev Is On Pinterest!

We're joining the fun on Pinterest! It’s exciting because we love Pinterest. It’s a great resource to get inspiration, find solutions and just look at cool things! We’d love for you to follow us, we have a number of boards already set up and we’re creating more. Here... Read More »

New Case Study: Grace Church

Grace Church decided to partner with MonkDev because they wanted to transform their website into a "ministry tool." To achieve this we helped them clear up ministry processes and focus on a digital strategy that complements their ministry efforts. This strategy informed the site design and... Read More »

4 Churches Effectively Rocking Mega Navigation

What Is A Mega Navigation? Definition: A larger navigation that allows for more content to be displayed. A Common Misunderstanding Monk Development has found, on average, churches have 93 items in their navigation. Which often leads churches to seek out mega navigations. The assumption is, if... Read More »

Webinar A Practical Guide For Selecting Church Website Features

Get ready for the next MonkDev webinar. We’re going to share practical advice on adding features to your church website. Wednesday, June 18, 10 AM PST (find your local time) Everything from multi-site campus display to small group finders. We’ll also share how you can optimize... Read More »

Free Resource A Practical Guide For Selecting Church Website Features

The features you add to your website must accomplish a specific purpose. They need to facilitate ministry online, so how do you ensure you’re getting the right ones? Does your church really need a small group finder? Could a mega navigation help people find what they are looking... Read More »

3 Simple Tips For Getting The Support You Need To Enhance Your Website

As a church communication leader, you have a defined budget for your website. If you want to expand your capabilities you need to prove any change will add value. Even then, it can be hard to find funding or support. It can feel like you’re the only one who understands how important... Read More »

Introducing New Monk Michael Cordell

We’re thrilled to welcome a new member to the MonkDev team. He’s been around for a while as an intern and is now coming on full-time. Please welcome Michael Cordell. His life journey thus far has been defined by two main passions: medicine and technology. Since an early age he has... Read More »

Sneak Peek Of MonkDev's Latest e360 Theme

It’s always exciting when we create a new responsive church website. A lot of work goes into the design, and even more to ensure this website helps churches live out their mission online. We’re getting really close to making our latest e360 Theme available. In the meantime we... Read More »

Why Simplified Functionality Might Make Your Church Website More Successful

A common approach when looking at the functionality for a church website is to seek the one with the most features. You want a website that can do everything, even if you’re only going to use a subset of the total features. At MonkDev we understand this, that’s one of the reasons... Read More »