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Do You Know the Team Behind Your Church Website Solution?

They say you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Here at MonkDev, we’d like to think we’re strong like a bull. No weak links. Just a team full of ministry-focused, church website warriors ready to help churches build the kingdom with their little corner of the web.

But we’re a bit biased, obvi. That’s why we’re ready to help you see it’s not just the product you need to consider when partnering with a church website solution. You need to look at the team behind it as well.

Here are three questions to consider the next time you’re thinking about choosing a website solution provider for your church:

Who are the people behind the technology?

A church website solution can’t be about the bells and whistles a company provides you. Yes, Ekklesia 360 easily allows you to add sermons, events, and send email newsletters through the easy-to-use content management system. But the reason we’re able to provide you with these functionalities is because we’ve been in your shoes!

Our team is filled with pastors and church leaders, many of whom still hold active leadership positions in their churches. We’ve built Ekklesia 360 with the Church in mind. Many of our key features came out of the void of not finding a church-focused solution elsewhere.

As our website says, our team is “made up of communicators, web developers, programmers, business leaders and a host of other sundry sorts.” We get the Church and we’re here to serve!

What’s their track record?

Perhaps more important than the team behind the technology is the track record of said team. Anyone can line up a team of all-stars, but can the team execute? It’s an important question for any church to ask before partnering with a provider.

At MonkDev, we let our track record do the talking. With clients like The Village Church, Eagle Brook Church, and Port City Church, MonkDev knows how to work at a strategic level with churches big and small and translate that strategy into a ministry-focused powerhouse of awesomeness (how’s that for a tagline!).

If the company you’re considering can only show you a fancy piece of new technology with no track record, it may be time to reconsider. Go with a group that has a habit of proven performance.

What kind of support do they offer?

Let’s say, for lack of a better term, something “breaks” on your church website. You, being responsible for your church’s website, want to get the broken stuff fixed before bedlam breaks out.

You pick up the phone to call your website provider only to get an automated message telling you your in the queue and the wait time should only be about 178,413 minutes. You’re encouraged to send an email where you may or may not get a response. All the while you’re speaking to an automated robovoice who can’t hear the crack in your voice as you quietly weep into the receiver, “I…just…want…the website…fixed…please!”

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Website providers aren’t exactly known for their empathy. But at MonkDev, we’re out to change that perception, one support call at a time. If you need help, you’ll get it. You’ll even get to talk to a real human being. (It’ll probably be Chris, who is one of the kindest people on the planet. He’s like a young, hip, Mr. Rogers with much better taste in music.)

Point being, we know building a website can be a harrowing process, and sometimes stuff breaks. We want to be there when it does, help you fix what’s busted, and send you on your merry way.


Keep these questions in mind and you’ll have a much better data set the next time you need to make a decision for your church. Of course, we at MonkDev would love to serve you. So if you’re in the market, make sure you give us a ring, okay?

Your turn: What questions do you ask before you’re getting ready to partner with a website provider for your church?