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Live Streaming is Going Live!

Years ago we saw a shift from audio to video sermons. Then the rise of multi-site churches and online campuses. With new technology and an ever-growing demand, live streaming is gaining momentum. You voted and we have an answer. Take a look at our latest layout built to engage the virtual audience.


Streaming Video

Monk Development knows that there is a lot more to live streaming than just this layout. There are live streaming host providers, camera equipment and video editing, just to name a few. We get it, you need some flexibility. We kept this in mind with our new design. It will allow almost any live stream host to provide you with an embed code to drop in. But there is more to live streaming than just the video.

Online Ministry

Taking ministry from one-on-one to the virtual world is quite the hurdle.

How do you engage people who are alone in their homes?
How do keep watchers engaged as they are on the go?
How do you facilitate ministry and fellowship online?

These are some of the questions that we walked through as a team in designing and developing this layout.

We want to do everything possible to encourage real, live interactions during a service. This is why we’ve integrated Twitter to work with this layout. You can now facilitate conversations in real time, not only giving your online viewers a forum to interact freely, but also giving you live feedback for your services. 

Getting Connected

Live streaming is a great way to keep regular attenders informed when they are away but it’s also a low barrier for any new visitor that may be interesting in your church. The visitor is able to get to know you and has a good understanding of what to expect when they come in person. Ultimately we want your online congregation to get plugged in with the rest of your church. It was this mindset that let to the featured sections below the video. These can be updated and changed out to speak directly to your difference audiences. The buttons right above them also help to give any online viewer a clear path of what to do next. Of course, they are also editable.

If you’ve got more questions on our Live Stream Template, just let us know! If you’ve wondering how to get it, it’s only a quick click away!

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