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5 Ingredients For Creating Content That's Consistent

Imagine you're at a restaurant and you order your favorite barbecue burger. It comes out, but it looks and tastes nothing like it should. You ask them to remake it. Again it comes out and this time it has ketchup instead of barbecue sauce and it’s missing cheese. How would you feel? Hungry, ... Read More »

9 Standout Easter Websites and Designs

We are moving into the last week before Easter. All over the world churches have been updating their websites with content specifically for Easter. That includes graphics, landing pages, videos, and invitations. Below are just a few of the churches that stood out to the team here at Monk ... Read More »

Dirty Little Secret, Churches Are Putting Garbage On Their Websites

At Monk Development we help churches think about their content strategy. We’re helping churches with big picture issues all the way down to common complaints visitors have with church websites. Some of the common complaints we hear about church websites are: I have found that many things ... Read More »

Recap Build Your Own Website Or SaaS Website

I need to get a church website, should I build my own or go with a service as a software solution? There are many competing opinions about the best option for a church website. Here at Monk Development we’re in the SaaS camp, but we understand that building your own website is a viable ... Read More »

Is Your Website Ready For The Future?

Churches should be thinking about ensuring the viability of their website solution far into the future. This means building a web presence on a future-proof solution. Future-proof means your website will not become obsolete. When we talk about future-proofing your website, we are not talking ... Read More »

FREE RESOURCE: How To Improve Your Church Website Using Quarterly Web Analytics Reviews

Download How To Improve Your Church Website Using Quarterly Web Analytics Reviews and learn how to make changes to your website that benefit the people coming to the site and your church. The most effective church websites rely on analytics to help them make decisions. Analytics reviews provide ... Read More »

Free Webniar: How To Improve Your Church Website Using Quarterly Web Analytics Reviews

Have you ever asked yourself: What useful information can I see from our website? Is our website producing ministry results for our church? What should I be monitoring and tracking? Where do I find this information in Google Analytics? What should I do once I have this information? At ... Read More »

3 Hidden Costs Of Build Your Own Church Websites

We’ve all said it, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” This is the thinking behind “Build Your Own” websites. You get exactly what you want, a customized church website optimized for your ministries. If you want a new feature, simply write ... Read More »

Flexible and Customizable Church SaaS Websites Do Exist

We often hear that build your own or open source Content Management Systems (CMS) offer more flexibility and customization than a Service as a Software (SaaS). This sentiment comes from developers who love the ability to do things like edit code and have FTP access. We understand this need. ... Read More »

Do You Want To Serve Software Or Your Church?

Times are changing in the software world. It used to be you’d buy a software CD and install it on your computer. Every few years a new version would come out and you’d decided whether or not the new features were worthwhile to upgrade. Even today, software companies are installing ... Read More »

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