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Five Most Recommended Tips for Ekklesia 360

Last summer we shared five features to boost your skills with Ekklesia 360 introducing a few advanced features of the CMS. This year we'd like to bring you our best new tips and even some secret-sauce enhancements you can use now to improve your workflow and productivity with Ekklesia 360/ ... Read More »

Preview Hoornbeek A New Responsive Church Website Theme

Don't you love movie trailers? The short movie clips help build excitement around an upcoming release.They also give you a sense of anticipation. At MonkDev we have something similar to a trailer, a preview. Previews happen right before we release new CMS features or a responsive church e360 ... Read More »

Free Resource: Understand Your Community - How to Create Personas

Personas can help you understand your church community on a deep, personal level. If you know how to communicate to your community, you can build content and messages that meet people where they are. Learn how in our latest eBook Understand Your Community - How to Build Personas. In the ... Read More »

How to Create Movement in your Church Using Personas - Part 2

This is the second post in a 2-part blog series. Click here to read part-1.   How to Create Impactful Experiences for Your Personas Now that you know who your personas are and have developed a deep understanding of them, it’s time to apply this knowledge to your church strategy ... Read More »

How to Create Movement in your Church Using Personas - Part 1

This is the first post in a 2-part blog series. Part 2 will be posted on 8/21 and will contain information on how to create impactful experiences for your personas.  Why Personas In the business world, personas are defined as fictional, generalized representations of your ideal ... Read More »

Work Smarter Not Harder with Church Management Software Integration

What if you could make an online communication process 50% more efficient and deliver the same quality results? You would be working smarter not harder, and that’s what integration offers church communication leaders like yourself. Integration opens up the ability to combine and ... Read More »

What Are People Searching For On Your Church Website?

As a church communicator or website admin, you want people to find the information they need. This information helps them become engaged members of your church. While you’d love for everyone to find exactly what they’re looking for, it can’t happen all of the time. If they ... Read More »

39 Highlights From The Simply Communicate Conference

We had such a great time at the Simply Communicate Conference. There were so many nuggets of gold from all the talented speakers. We decided to grab a few of the tweets that stood out to us. Read More »

New Monk Lisa LaMont

Lisa is a San Diego native and comes to Monk with a B.S. in Marketing from Azusa Pacific University. After college, she gained 5 years of web & media experience working for her church in San Diego where she developed a love for ministry. She enjoys leading worship with her husband at their ... Read More »

Great Things For Church Communicators This Summer

Summer is always an exciting time, BBQs, road trips, vacation and just relaxing. As a church communicator, ministries slow down and you get a chance to catch up. In addition to getting ahead this summer, there are a few great opportunities to become better communicators. At MonkDev, we’re ... Read More »

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