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API, HTML and The Art of Growing Small Groups

Four churches on my resume, a degree in biblical studies and I’m even a pastor’s wife. Sounds like I’d be the perfect candidate to get connected in a small group at any church. However, moving to San Diego from Austin involved an ever-growing list of to-dos and start-overs, finding a new church being one of the many. Actually getting connected to that church was a whole other hurdle.

Who do I contact?

Where do I go?

When does it meet?

Is this group even for me?

Do you even have a group for me? 

From your perspective you’ve done everything you can. Your small groups are listed in your bulletin every single week. Your contact information is clearly on your site. You promote them to newcomers and members alike. You might have even developed a small group listing of your own either online or in print. 

There’s still a disconnect. 

So many churches emphasize community, building their mission around the conversations and relationships that happen one-on-one every day. Think about your own church. How much do you spend on small group resources right now? In time, in effort, in promoting and even straight cash. None of it matters if you can’t get the people there. This was the driving factor behind the creation of our Small Group Finder layout. We wanted to create a tool for ministry, one with a low barrier to reach newcomers as well as the details for those needing just a bit more.

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Small Group Finder thumbnail list   Small Group Finder Thumbnail Detail

Like many, I went online to get a feel for a church I was looking into. Seeing a tool like the Small Group Finder would have saved me a serious headache. It would have showed the value placed on such a community; it would have helped me get connected.

For you, the Small Group Finder takes out the middleman. It connects me, the user, to the right person, in real time, and allows me to find exactly what I’m looking for. Upkeep is centralized, simplified and built to suit your needs as much as it does mine. 

We also kept your donation dollars in mind with this one. As many of you know, our pre-designed layouts are the cost effective way to go. You get a custom design but don’t have to pay the the premium price. The functionality has the same excellence that you’re accustomed to and is styled to fit your church’s site. 

Whether you’re ready to sign on the dotted line or still need a little more convincing, we’ve got you covered.

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Still not interested? Then help us choose what will really help you most. Monk Dev is constantly adapting to the feedback we receive. Now that we’ve completed the Small Group Finder, we’re ready to move on to the next layout. What do you want to see next?