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All Aboard!

When I first started out at MonkDev, I was told that the first 90 days were crucial in effecting change. So I asked questions, occasionally less intelligent ones, and through those I learned the ins and outs of MonkDev.

You’ve probably felt the same with any new job, hobby or program. Some of us take the guess and check approach while others take to the interwebs. What if more of us had the option to phone a friend instead? Well, allow me to introduce you to MonkDev’s On-Boarding Specialist, your personal phone-a-friend when it comes to our Content Management System.

Like any new program, the first few attempts can be awkward. Simple things like bolding text or adding a picture can seem like you’re performing brain surgery while blind. Alright, that may be a little exaggerated, but your frustrations are not. This is where our On-Boarding Specialist comes into play.

Over the years we’ve found that the first few weeks of a new site need a little extra attention. You need someone to ask your “quick questions” of and help you brainstorm just what the best approach is. We feel that investing in your foundation will help you to maximize your site’s full potential. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your new site.

Even though MonkDev has a top-notch support team, you won’t need to play any sort of waiting game when you truly have a quick little question. Just because you opted to not go the full-blown customized route, doesn’t mean you sacrifice the service that accompanies one. With the On-Boarding Specialist, you’ll have a single person to contact during those crucial weeks leading up to your launch. It probably won’t take you the same 90 days of change, but if it does, we’ll be there for you.

So bring your questions, of all shapes and sizes, and know that we will see them through to the very end.

If you want to get to know Kellie or Loren, our On-Boarding Specialists, check out their introductions.

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