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Happy Mother's Day

At Monk Development we have so many memories of our mothers, and we are grateful for them. We decided to share and say happy Mother's Day to our moms. My mom always reminded me of the iconic pioneer woman from the days of blazin' the Westward trail. She has always been brave and strong. She... Read More »

2013 at MonkDev - A Year in Review

MonkDev has been truly blessed this year. When we look back at the year we have a lot of favorite memories. Some of our favorite moments include: That time when the whole team was under one roof Last January, company history was made - for the first time ever, our entire team was under one... Read More »

Communicating to Your Entire Church Through the Church Website

Quick: What's the most effective method your church uses to move people through the discipleship process? In other words, how do you get new visitors to join? And once they've joined, how do you get members engaged in the life of the church? Read More »

What Church Communicators Crave in a CMS

We wanted to know what church communicators need out of a CMS (content management system). We thought and thought and thought. And then we asked some of the best and brightest communicators we knew: "What do you need most?" Read More »

FREE RESOURCE: What Every Web Geek Needs to Know About Building a Church Website

If you’re a technically-minded person (or you work with a technically-minded person) we’ve learned quite a bit about you. Our experience has shown us you care deeply about using technology to tell the story of your church. That's why we've put together this helpful resource to focus... Read More »

The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Church Communicators

If you're in church communications, you're going to run into some difficulties. As we talk to more and more church communicators, we've noticed specific problems areas arise time and again. See if you don't identify with some of the issues presented on this list. Read More »

What Every Web Geek Needs to Know About Open Source

One of the most oft-asked questions we get here at MonkDev is, "Is Ekklesia 360 built on WordPress or another open-source site?" The quick answer is, "no." While there are a lot of fantastic open-source solutions available, churches must realize implementing one of them isn't necessarily free. Read More »

What Every Web Geek Needs to Know About Church Website Technology

This is the second post in our “What Everyone Needs to Know About Building a Church Website”. Read the previous post here. On a given day, Tom finds himself doing everything from onboarding new staff with phone, Internet, email, computer, etc., to updating computers with new... Read More »

What Every Web Geek Needs to Know About Building a Church Website

Different people need different things out of your church's website. While this is true at a user level, it's also true at a staff level. No matter who you have on your team, or where you fall in the chain of command, getting the church website up and running truly takes a village. Last week... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Building a Church Website

I was at a conference not too long ago where the instructor talked about "Saddleback Sam." Sam is one of the most influential people at Saddleback Church. He's involved in many of the major decisions and is constantly on the minds of the leaders at Saddleback. Read More »