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Free Webinar: 7 Content Games Churches Must Avoid

Thursday, May 8th at 10am PDT Hosted By AJ Fenlason | (find your local time)  | invite friends Churches without a content strategy usually end up playing games. We’ve found there are 7 common content games churches play. Each one creates issues for visitors, but in our experience... Read More »

Free Resource: 7 Content Games Churches Must Avoid

At Monk Development, our approach is to keep church website content simple and clear. We believe that no one will ever complain your website is too easy to understand. While we recommend this approach, some church websites choose another path. Every page on their website is complex or... Read More »

4 Reasons Churches Are Going To Love The New Twitter Profile

Twitter is in the process of transitioning people to new profiles. So you might have seen this message. This is great news for churches who are using twitter. The new profile has features that will benefit the work you’re doing. We thought we’d share 4 reasons churches are going to... Read More »

Help Visitors With User-Centered Church Content Strategies

Creating content is not a content strategy. This is a hard fact to face. Even more so because churches are prolific content creators. Think about it: sermons, events, videos, study guides, class outlines, graphics, flyers, blogs, devotionals etc... What does all this content amount to without a... Read More »

5 Ingredients For Creating Content That's Consistent

Imagine you're at a restaurant and you order your favorite barbecue burger. It comes out, but it looks and tastes nothing like it should. You ask them to remake it. Again it comes out and this time it has ketchup instead of barbecue sauce and it’s missing cheese. How would you... Read More »

9 Standout Easter Websites and Designs

We are moving into the last week before Easter. All over the world churches have been updating their websites with content specifically for Easter. That includes graphics, landing pages, videos, and invitations. Below are just a few of the churches that stood out to the team here at Monk... Read More »

Dirty Little Secret, Churches Are Putting Garbage On Their Websites

At Monk Development we help churches think about their content strategy. We’re helping churches with big picture issues all the way down to common complaints visitors have with church websites. Some of the common complaints we hear about church websites are: I have found that many things... Read More »

Recap Build Your Own Website Or SaaS Website

I need to get a church website, should I build my own or go with a service as a software solution? There are many competing opinions about the best option for a church website. Here at Monk Development we’re in the SaaS camp, but we understand that building your own website is a viable... Read More »