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Work Smarter Not Harder with Church Management Software Integration

What if you could make an online communication process 50% more efficient and deliver the same quality results? You would be working smarter not harder, and that’s what integration offers church communication leaders like yourself. Integration opens up the ability to combine and coordinate separate systems or content into a unified whole.

At a basic level, integration brings two systems that don’t natively talk to each other, together. The two systems churches need integration for are:

  1. Church Management Software for database and people management, like Church Community Builder and The City.
  2. Content Management System for church websites, like Ekklesia 360. 

In the absence of integration churches must maintain information across both systems. A task that’s complex and often overwhelming.

That’s why at Monkdev we’ve created solutions to integrate these two systems. Through the flexibility of our Ekklesia 360 CMS, we are able to seamlessly display content from a ChMS on your church website.  We provide tools and documentation to your web developers or if needed, we can set this up for you.

Benefits of ChMS Integration

If you want to help your church work smarter, we recommend integration between your ChMS and CMS.

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. It eliminates double entry: You only enter content in one location. Which means you’ve just increased efficiency by 50%.
  2. You maintain content in one place: If there are any changes to content you do not have to edit it in two locations. You also don’t have to worry about discrepancies between content in your ChMS and your website.
  3. More time for ministry: All the time you save can be diverted back to other ministry activities.
  4. Preserve branded experience: By integrating you get to control the overall experience. People stay on your site and your church brand is maintained throughout a user's visit.  

While integration requires an up-front investment, over time you will see a return on that investment. Below are just a few examples of the integration we’ve done for churches.

Church Community Builder Integration

For Church Community Builder (CCB), we’ve helped churches pull in their events and small group information.

City Of Grace is an example of how we’ve used CCB’s small group information to display dynamic, filterable content on a church website.

We can even integrate CCB content with our ministry-focused layouts.

That’s what we did for Waterstone Church, which pulls event information from CCB into our events ministry-focused layout.

The City Integration

For The City we've done event integration and are working on small group integration.

We’ve helped Grace Covenant Church integrate The City events into our ministry-focused event layout #3.

Here’s a preview of The City group integration we’re working on.

“We wanted to eliminate duplicate entry and just make the process more efficient.” Caroline McCain - Communication Director Grace Covenant Church

She also shared that maintaining two systems was hampering other ministry activities. “With the integration my hope is that we can free up one person so they can focus on moving people through our discipleship process.”

ServiceU / EventU Integration

With ServiceU/ EventU we’re able to bring event information onto a website and make it fit seamlessly.

Grace Church integrated EventU to display the events across their two campuses. They are even able to filter events by campus or category. This content is displayed in our ministry-focused layout which is built using best practices to achieve ministry online. 

Shelby Arena Styling

Generally when you access Arena from a church website you’re taken to a completely separate ChMS site that has a very different look and feel. This creates confusion and breaks the overall brand experience.

For Vineyard Columbus, we were able to replicate their custom design for the Arena portion the website. This allows them to maintain brand consistency across their web presences. For visitors it’s almost impossible to tell that they’ve been taken off the site to the Arena ChMS.

Interested in learning more about integration?

These are just a few of the ways we’ve integrated content from Church Management Systems on to our websites CMS Ekklesia 360. There are many more possibilities based on your needs. We’d love to discuss how we can help.

Contact us to get pricing for your integration project.

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