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Warren G, Websites, and Warm Weather - An Interview with Scott McClellan

Scott McClellan gets geeks.

Specifically, artists, geeks, and storytellers who work or serve at a church. Scott and his team are responsible for the Echo Conference, an event that takes place every summer in the hot Dallas sun.

I sat down with Scott recently to talk about life, Echo, and how churches can better utilize the web. To give you an idea of what kind of person Scott is and why Echo exists, check out this snippet from our time together:

Echo is in so many ways the conference that we wanted to go to…We were going to conferences, leadership conferences, and youth pastor conferences, and pastors conferences and they were great but they weren't for us. We were the kind of group of people who used new media, video, design, the web, social media. We were communicators like a lot of those other people and we had a heart for the church like a lot of those other people but in going to the conferences, something just wasn't matching up right. So we created a conference for us, stuff that we want to talk about, because we think its cool and we think its important. That's what Echo is all about.

Here's the rest of my interview with the director of the Echo Conference.

Resources mentioned in the video:

Many from the MonkDev team will be at Echo. We hope to see you there!

PS - If you're going, make sure you book your hotel room at the Westin. Trust me on this one.