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Use Your Website To Share The Stories Of Your Church

Tell the stories of your church

We all have been touched by a story. It sparked something deep inside us that no announcement could ever do. Stories also have a way of living on, capturing our attention and driving us to take action. As a result, more and more churches are seeking to share stories online.

At MonkDev, we help incorporate these stories into a website’s design. We call this Ministry Process Design. It’s our way to translate a church’s objective online to create ministry movements.

Below are examples of churches that excel at sharing their story because they’ve built stories directly into the design of their website.

Providence Baptist

Providence Baptist

Stories play a key role at Providence Baptist. That’s why we worked to find the best place to include stories on their site. Which for Providence was on the homepage right under the rotator. This makes the stories front and center for all visitors. The stories from Providence help people see what their next steps are – from baptism, covenant membership to serving on a mission trip.

Tip: Stories should point to what God is doing in a person’s life and relate back to specific ministry goals.

The Village Church

Stories The Village Church

For the The Village Church, visuals play a key role in encouraging visitors to read the story. The quote also helps provide context for what the story will be about.

Tip: You don’t need a video team to create compelling stories. Any church can tell stories in written form with photos.

Green Bay Community Church

Greenbay Church

Green Bay Community Church has a custom landing page to showcase their stories. This allows them to have stories in different formats all in one place. As the library of stories grow the search functionality will take on greater importance.

Tip: You need a central place for all your stories. Adding in search and filters can help organize the page, making it easier for people to find stories that relate to them.

If you’re going to share stories about your church, be purposeful with where they will be displayed on your website. Each of these churches had a very specific reason to share stories of their church members, you should too.

Now it’s your turn. How are you displaying the stories that are all around your church?

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