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Preview Hoornbeek A New Responsive Church Website Theme

Don't you love movie trailers? The short movie clips help build excitement around an upcoming release.They also give you a sense of anticipation.

At MonkDev we have something similar to a trailer, a preview. Previews happen right before we release new CMS features or a responsive church e360 Theme. Which is happening next week. So here’s your preview of our next e360 church website theme Hoornbeek. Named after Johannes Hoornbeek a 17th century theologian.

The homepage has a responsive grid design. Each grid element automatically brings in information from various sections of your website. Saving you time from manually adding this content to the homepage.

new church website theme grid

As a result the homepage has all the information someone needs to become an active and engaged member of your church. It also sports a nice mega navigation, with the ability to provide clarity and context to your menu navigation.

New Theme mega navigation

Images are at the heart of this design. Making it the ideal theme for a creative church that wants to tell its story through images.

New Theme Images

The theme also comes with many other page layouts design to facilitate ministry online.

  • Home Page
  • Sub Page
  • Article List & Detail Pages
  • Blog List & Detail Pages
  • Sermon List & Detail Pages
  • Calendar Page
  • Gallery Page

You also have the ability to add on additional Ministry focused layouts to help reach your goals.

Spoiler Alert

Don't scroll any further, because if you do you’ll see the entire homepage for the new e360 church website theme for desktop and mobile.

New Theme Homepage

Responsive Views Of New Church Website theme

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Find out by downloading our church website starter kit. It contains 3 resources to help you plan your next site.