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4801102319_e26dc6e37e_zIn an office of tech-savvy, cutting edge, keynote watching individuals, my iPhone 4 is a bit of an office joke. I’m lucky if the middle button works half of the time and I’ll admit that I’m a couple of updates behind. I think my co-workers worry more about it than I do, but to be honest I have other things to occupy my time.

You probably have your backburner thing too. You’re juggling the church’s social media, attempting to wrangle the small group leaders’ schedules and possibly have a meeting or two that you just don’t have time for. To add a big heap of stress to your plate, you’ve got the website that keeps it all together that you’re somehow supposed to maintain along with the rest of your job description. Next to the ever-adapting internet, iPhone updates just seem small.

Enough is enough. You don’t have to always be looking around the corner for what’s next. You don’t need to stress over getting your developer to add in new content or try and teach yourself a language of zeros and ones. MonkDev can work for you; we can work with you. We’re professionals and we’re here to help. 

Just a few months ago, First Baptist Church Jackson was in need of a complete website overhaul. With a 175 year legacy, it’s easy to say that experience was in their favor. Of course they could have handled a redesign internally, but they wanted a group that “understood the latest technology and design,” said Jackie Meck, project leader for their new site.

"We also felt it was in the best interest of the church that the design and operation of the future site not be dependent on a single individual, whether church staff, a volunteer or a small company."
-Jackie Meck, FBC Jackson

Jackie has a point. Freeing up communication directors and ministry leaders to focus on their message is what MonkDev specializes in. Leave the latest ideas for us to hunt down. Trust that we’ll see the next Twitter API update a mile away. Know that we’ll keep you in the loop, informed and confident that your message is on a platform that not only keeps up but looks ahead.

Still have some reservations? Ask our clients. Check out our work. Ask us. We have experience meeting deadlines, keeping budgets and making sure that the site you launch is one you need to take your mission online. We even have an old iPhone in the office to help keep us relatable.

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