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How to Create Movement in your Church Using Personas - Part 2

This is the second post in a 2-part blog series. Click here to read part-1.  

How to Create Impactful Experiences for Your Personas

Now that you know who your personas are and have developed a deep understanding of them, it’s time to apply this knowledge to your church strategy and communications.

This is the fun part!

Based on your understanding of where your community is, give them the content and resources they need. Based on the four spiritual steps mentioned in part-1, let’s break this down and give examples for how to communicate to each.

New – Exploring Christ

For new visitors, make sure your website has a warm greeting and a clear path for them to find the information they need (service times, what to expect, a map, etc.). According to our research, 61% of respondents said the church website was somewhat to very important in their decision to attend their church. This is a huge number and should not be ignored.

Meet them where they are and provide the information they would be looking for. Figure out what this information is based on your research.

Make sure you’re thinking through ways for new visitors to get connected. Do you have a way for them to move from a new visitor (exploring Christ) to a regular attender (growing in Christ)? What would that be?

If you’re an Ekklesia 360 users or want to be, check out our “New Here” ministry-focused template page that addresses these needs perfectly. If you’re interested in getting this page for your church website, let us know here.

Regular – Growing in Christ

Once someone has decided to attend your church on a regular basis, think about the best ways they would want to get involved in your community.

Getting them involved with social or small groups is a great option. Maybe you have classes or educational opportunities. Make sure there is a way for them to learn more information and easily sign up based on their needs. What days of the week and times of day are most convenient for them? Do they value knowing if childcare is available?

For your small groups or events pages on your church website, check out our “Small Group” and “Events” ministry-focused template pages. If you’re interested in getting these pages for your church website, let us know here.

Engaged – Close to Christ

Now that they have taken steps to become a part of your church community, make sure there are opportunities for them to grow in their involvement in the church through serving or ministry.

Maybe an engaged member of your church would be interested in a specific mission opportunity. Maybe they don’t know their spiritual gifts and want to learn more about how their gifts can help serve the church.

Resources can be a great way to help educate engaged members. For your website, consider a ministry-focused “Books” layout that will beautifully display books and resources to help aid your community. If you’re interested in getting this page for your church website, let us know here.

Mature – Christ-Centered

While this group is usually the smallest percentage of your church community, it is a vital part. This group can consist of people filling leadership or mentorship roles.

This group is probably giving tithes on a regular basis and feels very invested in the mission of your church.

For your website, make sure to have a place where they can safely set up and give recurring donations. If you need help, check out our online giving platform, Monk Donate, and contact us to learn more.

Download the Persona eBook

To help you get started, we’ve created a helpful and informative persona eBook called Understand Your Community: How to Create Personas for you to use. This also includes a persona worksheet for you to fill out and begin forming your personas.

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