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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day From MonkDev

At Monk Development we have so many memories of our mothers, and we are grateful for them. We decided to share and say happy Mother's Day to our moms.

My mom always reminded me of the iconic pioneer woman from the days of blazin' the Westward trail. She has always been brave and strong. She followed my dad into the jungles of the Amazon to serve alongside him as missionaries, far from her home and family. She exudes the character of the proverb that says, "Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future." Despite a life filled with many unknowns, she constantly had hope in the Lord and taught that to her children. I'm so grateful to have a mom like her! - Elise Palm

My mom raised six boys, she was always there for everyone one of us. She taught me to be the person that I am today. I a truly grateful and inspired by her boundless energy and care. Love you Mom.

And to my wife, as we continue to anticipate our little girl, you will make an amazing mom! - AJ Fenlason

My mom thinks I'm handsome and that I have a great smile. Mom, you rock! - Beau Aguon

I love my mom, and am grateful for her because she taught me how to love other people unconditionally and sacrificially. - Lizzie Oliver

The fondest memories I have with my mom are the moments when she encouraged creativity to happen. She took us to Balboa Park Every Tuesday, on shell hunts in La Jolla, and let us create masterpieces...messes...

My mom continues to unconditionally give to her three "babies", encouraging us in our journeys, however different or challenged they may be. My Mom, most importantly, built us up to be Children of God, and THAT is the biggest blessing my mom could have given us. Love you Mom! - Kellie Cameron

My family is filled with artists, but my mother is why I design. From an early age she taught me the significance of creating things as a way to express ourselves and bring joy to others. One of my earliest memories of designing with my mother was in kindergarten. I was painting an elephant on a t-shirt for my teacher. I accidentally squirted grey paint in the wrong spot and ruined the shirt. My mother calmly said, "you can't mess up anything you paint, we just have to change what we see." I watched as she effortlessly painted an ear over my blob, then a trunk, then a tail. She simply turned my elephant around, simultaneously fixing my "problem." I have never forgotten that truth. Design is about fixing problems, and creating solutions. Happy Mother's Day  - Jenn Craycraft

I will just leave an old Scottish proverb: "An ounce o' mother is worth a pound o' clergy." - Chris Ullyott

Happy Mother's Day From MonkDev

To all the moms out there, you make a difference! You are inspiring and we are all thankful for both the little and big things you do in our lives. Have a happy Mother's Day.