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Guess Who's Coming To Houston?


Conclave Church Communications

We are!

A few of us from MonkDev are heading to Houston to connect with church communicators. And, while we’re in town, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to host a church communicator Conclave.

What Is Conclave?

Conclave is a small, private gathering of church communicators. Each communicator get’s an opportunity to share what they are learning and also gain insight from peers facing similar challenges.

Conclave Houston

What are the details?

Why Should you attend?

One Conclave attendee shared, “It was a great way to have meaningful conversation with others that share the same responsibility as myself to tell the most amazing story ever told. If I can learn to do that better, why would I not want to be part of that? I made some real work related connections, but also some friends in the process.”

Conclave san diego

Another remarked “If you ever have the opportunity to be a part of a legit roundtable like this, DO IT! Just being able to network with the other people like you who will be there is worth it.”

Who has attended Conclave?

  • Kem Meyers - Granger Community Church
  • Scott Balard - The Village Church
  • Josh Burns - Park Community Church 
  • Rachel Lance & Hanna Koenig - Willow Creek
  • and more...

Interested In Joining Us For Conclave?

If you’re interested in Conclave Sessions fill out the form below. Can’t make this one? No problem, let us know and we’ll get you plugged into the next Conclave.

Conclave Blog Invite

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