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Establishing ROI for Social Media and Ministry

Gary Vaynerchuck says that establishing the return on investment (ROI) on social media is like asking, "What's the ROI of your mother?" In other words, it's a difficult question to answer!

Couple this difficulty with the messiness of ministry and you have a bonafide conundrum on your hands.

The question we get asked most often is, "We know social media are important, but how do we get started in our ministry?" It's a good question to ask and, unfortunately, not enough people in ministry are asking it.

If you're going to spend time (and thereby donor or member dollars) developing and maintaining a social media presence, shouldn't you know what you're getting out of it? Shouldn't you have a reasonable idea of what that time and energy is getting you and your church or ministry?

Hopefully you're answering, "yes" to these questions. If you're not, go here. If you are, we'd love to invite you to our next free social webinar entitled, "Establishing ROI for Social Media and Ministry". It's coming up on Friday, July 22 at 11a PST/1p CST/2p EST and we'll be covering:

  1. Difficulties in establishing social media ministry ROI
  2. Case studies of what has worked
  3. How to establish your own organizational metrics for measuring social media effectiveness
  4. Your questions!

We're going to look at how you know you're being effective with your missional web and social media goals. Simply put, are you getting the results you want?

Please sign up for this free webinar and tell a friend while you're at it. If you'd like to watch past webinars that we have done, please visit the webinar archive. We look forward to seeing you this Friday. Don't miss it!

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