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Attract New Visitors to Your Church Using Our Latest New Here Layout

How does your church welcome newcomers? Perhaps it’s a welcome area after a service or a simple card to fill out. Maybe it’s a monthly luncheon or grabbing coffee.

Intentional or not, every church has a process that a new visitor is taken through. It is the starting point of their journey in becoming a regular attender and future member of your church. What role does your website play in that process?

Monk Development hopes that with our latest New Here layout, you’ll take a second look at the content you’re tailoring for this audience.

The Front Door to Your Church

For many, your website is the first impression a visitor will get of your church.   

We found, in our 2013 State of the Church Online Report, that new visitors using church websites increased by 16.7% in 2012. They could be coming with a variety of preconceived notions, biases or maybe no experience at all of the Church or your church.

Just like an in-person meeting, you don’t want a person’s first experience on your website to be complicated or overwhelming. MonkDev has taken great care in designing the New Here layout to speak directly to this individual. We want your site to represent you accurately and fully, giving a glimpse into what makes your church unique and inviting.

Bringing People In, Without Scaring Them Away

If a quick glance is all this individual needs, then you’re able to give them that easily and discreetly. Many visitors are hesitant to dive right in. 

So in creating this layout, we set out to create a low barrier for anyone to use. Think of it as a first date. There’s some asking around, perhaps some social media stalking, and finally you can work up to the face-to-face meeting.

We’ve taken the guess work out of considering a new church. If a newcomer has kids, they can learn about your children’s ministry. Special interests or talents? You can speak directly to them.

Sometimes a special event is a lot less intimidating than Sunday service, so we’ve built this layout to accommodate that as well.

Online to In-Person

Ultimately we want to help move these visitors from the virtual space to the one you work in. MonkDev has set you up for a smooth, seamless transition. You can send a reminder with directions by email or via text.

What’s better is that the individual opted in to receive this information, continuing the low-barrier, non-intrusive introduction to your church.

Ready to take a strategic approach to your newcomer experience?

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