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5 Resources to Get Your Church Website Questions Answered

It happens. If you're a part of a nonprofit organization, you're probably running your website on a shoestring budget. When push comes to shove, and resources get doled out, the website usually gets left in the dust:

"Is the site running? Yes? OK. That's good enough!"

Am I right?

If you're having to wear the website administrator hat, along with the 50 other caps you wear throughout the day, you don't have to go it alone. There are resources that can help you make the tweaks and changes your site needs, all for free.

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of five resources that will help you answer your vexing website questions. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Quora. is a Q&A site that has crowdsourced answers on nearly every topic you can think of. For instance, I asked, "What are examples of good small church websites?" Here are those answers. Get snagged with an open-source platform you're using? There's support for that too. A great place to find information from (mostly) trusted sources. 

2. Twitter Search. Ah yes. My favorite. Whenever I need to know something quickly, I turn to Twitter Search. Let's say you're a church looking for a reputable CMS provider. Simply type in "Church Website" + "CMS" and you get your results! Type in anything you want, really, but make sure you mine the depths of populace data on Twitter. 

3. MonkChat. We hold a 30-minute chat on our Facebook fan page every Tuesday from 2-2:30p CST, taking all questions about social media, websites, and analytics. Past chats have uncovered some new ideas for folks who participate. Maybe you have a vexing question that needs answering? We'll do our best to help. We want to see you get the results from your website that you deserve! Join us for a chat sometime.

4. Online Office Hours. Similarly, I hold online office hours every Wednesday from 2-4p CST. This is a chance for the conversation to go a little deeper (and broader). Most often, we end up talking social media analytics and resources, but the occasional website question pops up from time to time. I'd love it if you'd join me next week!

5. LinkedIn Groups. Much like Quora, LinkedIn Groups offer a plethora of free information from industry experts. I subscribe to several groups and opt for the weekly digest, as to not get too overwhelmed by the amount of info! Find groups that are relevant to your website (like a WordPress or Drupal group, for instance), and post your questions as they come up. People are always eager to help on these boards. Use them!

Hopefully those will help you in your search for website zen. Of course, if the lifting gets to heavy and you find yourself ready to tapout, get a hold of me. I'd love to help!

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