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3 Simple Tips For Getting The Support You Need To Enhance Your Website

Gain The Support Of Your Team

As a church communication leader, you have a defined budget for your website. If you want to expand your capabilities you need to prove any change will add value. Even then, it can be hard to find funding or support. It can feel like you’re the only one who understands how important certain features are for your site. But it doesn’t have to be this way; you can gain the support of your team and start moving forward. How do you accomplish this?

1. Define Where Your Current Website Is Holding You Back

For example, at MonkDev we often see churches trying to wrestle with an ever increasing need to display their church websites on mobile devices. As a church communication leader you know people are accessing your website on their mobile phones and tablets. If your site isn’t responsive, able to adapt to any screen size, it probably kills you inside knowing what these visitors are greeted with.

Share those pains, make it clear how this is affecting your church. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from church members, they are affected too.

Central To Life Responsive Church Website

We recently worked with Central To Life to make their current design responsive. They loved their website, but it was clear people had trouble accessing the site on mobile devices. The congregations input was helpful in making the decision to go responsive.

Also share these stats.

  • From 2009 to 2013, the percent of adults accessing the internet on mobile phones rose by 106.98% ~ Pew Research.
  • In the past two years, the number of people accessing the internet via smartphones has increased by 60.3% ~ Church Executive Magazine 
  • 40% of people will choose another result if it is not mobile friendly. ~ IAQUIRE & SurveyMonkey

Stats like these magnify and clarify how your current site is holding you back.

Once everyone understands your existing situation you can start having conversations about the potential solutions. As your define the issue, try not to fixate on the problem. Which leads into the next tip, you have to shape the conversation by pointing to a greater vision.

2. Share The Vision With Your Leadership Team

Get people excited about where the new features can take your church. Show how the features are an active way to accomplish your church’s mission online.

For example, Green Bay’s group finder isn’t important because of what the page does, it’s significant because of what it allows people to do.

Green Bay Church Group Finder

Everyone can now find groups that fit their needs. Making it easier for visitors to connect with your church and ultimately become a part of the community.

Sharing the vision helps your team see why these features benefit your church. This also helps with one of the biggest objections to new church websites, the cost. Just as you shared the vision you’ll need to shape how your team understands the cost of new web projects.

3. Help Your Team Understand It’s An Investment

After sharing the vision you might have the backing of an excited staff, but that can easily be derailed when you start talking about spending money. There seems to be an aversion to investing in church website projects.

Spending on website projects often get lumped in with other church expenditures.

  • parking lots 
  • signage 
  • printing 
  • carpet 
  • gardening 
  • painting 
  • and so many other projects

These are commonly seen as expenditures, things that your church has to do. When it comes to a website you have to change this type of thinking.

It’s your job to help your team see that these features are more than just an expense. The enhancement to your site help you better live out your mission. Your website is more important than any carpet or parking lot. Afterall, visitors won’t see your new carpet if they never make it to church.

If we look at Green Bay Church group finder again we can see how it’s an investment.

Green Bay Church Group Finder

The group finder frees staff from administrative tasks to focus on other ministry priorities. So instead of being stuck behind a desk, answering emails and phone calls, staff can foster relationship and spend more time on projects that move your ministry forward.

The administrative tasks they used to do are all handled by the website and visitors can engage with it at anytime.

Think about how much time this can free up for your staff. What could they do with a few extra hours a week?

The next time you’re looking for support make sure to frame the cost of the new features as an investment, because that is what they are. You spend money and then see a return on that investment in the form of new visitors and a more connected community.

If you do get money to invest in your project make sure you use it wisely.

Bonus: Set A Budget And Stick To It

As a church communication leader you are accustomed to working within tight budgets. So when you finally get extra to spend on a project, remain a good steward of your churches resources.

We recently went through a content strategy with a church. During the process they really liked our live stream layout. Towards the end it became clear, live stream was not one of their prioritizes.

Instead of trying to increase the budget the church communicator was honest “We’re really not in a position to do the live streaming right now.” He also eliminated a few custom layouts in favor of our ministry-focused layouts. This allowed him to add in a group finder and a staff page and still stay on budget.

We hope these simple tips help you gain support for your next website project.

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