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Make Social Media Simple for Your Organization

Monk Development is pleased to announce our Social Media Bootcamp, and we need you to help make it a success. We're looking for a few good organizations who want to take their social media strategy farther, faster. And we're willing to offer you a wicked good deal to make it happen.

I'll get to the "how?" in a minute, first let me tell you about the "why?".

Why did you create the Social Media Bootcamp?

As a team, we realized that many churches, ministries, and nonprofits knew the importance of having a social media strategy. Many of them simply had no idea where to start. The task was too overwhelming.

That's when we put our collective heads together and built the Social Media Bootcamp. This day-long session offers access to our team of web and social media practitioners. We'll help you determine how to craft an online strategy for your organization. We’ll learn by doing. Simply put, you'll get your hands dirty!

You’ll create a one-page strategic ministry plan while learning from the best practices of over 100 organizations. You’ll also walk away with a social media content calendar that'll serve as the playbook for getting the results you need. All in a day's work.

What are people saying about the Bootcamp?

Need more convincing? Look at what some past Bootcamp graduates are saying about their experience:

"I was so inspired and motivated to create a social media plan for our new school. We are still in the infancy stage, but I have so many ideas and I now know how to implement them and why they are so important. Thanks for the information!"

"Justin's presentation was thorough, informative and very helpful in providing tools we can pick-up and start using to leverage social media for our church. Huge immediate benefit."

"I went to this boot camp because you promised a "content calendar" and I was not disappointed. I loved all the stats that were shared throughout the day. I can use them to plead my case for more resources!"

"MonkDev gave so much great information on deciding our message and how to systematically share that message using social media. The class was, to say the least, fantastic! Thank you!"

What can you expect from the Bootcamp?

After attending this session you will be able to:

1. Build a concrete social media calendar for your organization.

2. Understand how the organizational mission and vision relate to an online strategy.

3. Craft an effective social media strategy for your target audience.

4. Integrate advanced tools and content planning methods to build and maintain momentum online.

How can you get involved?

We will be taking applications from any organization looking to strengthen and streamline their social media strategy. You'll be applying for one of three available half-day sessions.

Normally our Social Media Bootcamp is priced at $3000 for a full-day session. But we're offering a blog exclusive special for a half-day session, priced at only $997 (plus travel expenses). First come, first serve. Just fill out the application and we'll go from there. (If you'd like to do the full-day session, we can offer that at a discounted rate as well. Please designate your preference on the application form.)

We'll be taking applications until June 8th, at which point the Social Media Bootcamp will return to full-price. We'll review the applications and notify the organizations who'll make the best match.

Don't wait. Take advantage. Get a plan. Join the Bootcamp!