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Introducing New Monk Kellie Cameron!

monkstaff-kellie-3119We are excited to introduce Kellie, Monk’s new Customer Advocate and “On-Boarding” Specialist. She will be working with new clients to ensure launching their site is a smooth and pleasant experience. Kellie comes to Monk with a background in Customer Service and Graphic Arts, preparing her for this role. She is a San Diego native who fled to Seattle to escape the sunshine and obtain a BA in Visual Communication at Seattle Pacific University. The sunshine called again and she has been back in San Diego since 2007.

We recently sat down with Kellie to learn more about her past experience in Customer Service, her time at Seattle Pacific University, and some of her favorite things to do in San Diego. We enjoyed learning more about Kellie and hope you do too. 

Can you elaborate on your background in customer service and tell us about some of the valuable skills you learned along the way? 

I have been drawn to working with people since I was young and I’m always looking for how my experience with someone can leave them feeling better.

I was blessed with the experience of working on my college campus at Seattle Pacific University, helping students fulfill our Faith Exploration requirements. Most college age students are not keen on having someone dictate how they are to experience their faith. I loved the opportunity these requirements offered and was able to share my love of the Faith Exploration opportunities with students.

I was able to take a "have to" circumstance and provide it as a situation where students were empowered to experience their faith through facilitated opportunities on campus. No matter where I am, I find opportunity, and this opportunity is what I provide customers.

Thankfully, Monk is a dynamic company that I can wholeheartedly support, and I find full value in what we offer our clients.

Can you share some meaningful takeaways from your time at Seattle Pacific University? What’s the most important thing you learned?

We would joke about our slogan "Engage the Culture, Change the World", but I quickly grew to love it. Where else can you receive outstanding education and be challenged to use that to change the world? It is a blessing that I was challenged to not only live my life but to use it for Kingdom change. I have taken that with me, and love that I now get to work in a place where that is our ultimate goal.

What does being an "On-Board Specialist" mean to you? How have your God given gifts fitted you for this position?

My role gives me the opportunity to enhance user experience for our Instasite customers. Moving a website from test to launch can come with a lot of questions. I have the opportunity to make that process smooth and shed insight on the possibilities of our Content Management System.

What are some of your favorite places in San Diego?

Art Museum: The hidden gem known as the Timken Museum in Balboa Park is probably my favorite art museum in San Diego. It offers some of the things I love such as, Early Renaissance art, and Icons. The Timken resides next to the San Diego Museum of Art and it is FREE.

Place to hike: The variety of Mission Trails makes it my favorite hiking standby. You can hike Cowles Mountain or take a stroll on the Grasslands Loop, bike, walk your dog, bring your family...Mission Trails has it all.

Restaurant: Right now my favorite is Prep Kitchen in Little Italy. The food is fresh and the produce is locally sourced. They also have the most wonderful infused water.

Beach: I have a spot I like to escape to near the south end of La Jolla Cove. It is never too busy and I see dolphins every time I visit. I feel that life slows down when I am there. There is a quiet that swells after every wave break that clears my mind, brings me back to reality, and into a God-centered place.

Okay, give us a one more random Kellie fact...

I have white water rafted the Nile at its source in Jinga, Uganda.

Welcome to the team, Kellie! We are so happy to have you as a fellow Monk. Please help us give Kellie a warm welcome by commenting below.