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FREE RESOURCE: What Every Church Communicator Needs to Know About Building a Church Website


If you’re a church communicator, you know there is one basic truth in every church: Every font choice, website stock photo, bathroom sign, every hole in the wall, even the beans you brew for the free church coffee—they all communicate something. Your job is to determine whether or not you like what these elements are saying.

Whether your official title is Administrative Assistant, Communications Director, or Social Media Manager (or anything in between), you have a huge responsibility when it comes to communicating the vision of your church.

Learn what elements should be front and center on your church website

In this free resource, we show you how to think through some of the most crucial items on your church website’s home page.

Learn what new visitors are looking for, how to engage members, and how you can ensure discipleship movement on your website. We’ve studied what works and can’t wait to show you in this free ebook.

Learn how to maximize creativity (and minimize time spent on the details)

As a communicator, your focus is on sharing the compelling story of your church community. You do this in a number of ways:

  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Media creation

You know, the fun stuff!

What you don’t want to think about is:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • FTP
  • Code of any sort

We’ll show you how to maximize creativity and minimize boredom.

Learn how to ensure your website isn’t held hostage by volunteers

It can be a sticky situation giving the “keys to the kingdom” over to volunteers, but many churches have no other choice! Thankfully, there are faithful, smart, capable volunteers in many churches we speak with.

However, there is hardly a more frustrating situation then when you count on a volunteer to pull through and they don’t (or worse yet, they go rogue!).

We’ll show you some tools to keep this from happening at your church. You need to know your church website is accurately reflecting who you are as a community. Any changes on the website, whether by staff or volunteers, need to be streamlined and managed in an efficient way.

Grab this free resource today!

As a church communicator, your goal is to effectively tell the story of your church online. This free resource will help guide you.