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Build Your Church Website On Our Dime!

Things get hectic. We're all busy trying to do 100 different things at once. If that's you, you may not have had a chance to visit us here on the blog recently. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? So what better way to reconnect than by giving you a great deal?


Because we at MonkDev are so confident you’ll enjoy our website building system, Ekklesia 360, that we want to give it to you for free. If you sign-up with us today, you won’t pay a dime in monthly fees until March 2012. (There is a one-time setup cost for new sites, but after that you’re set!)

Take advantage of this deal now!

Here’s a list of things that will have happened by then:

  • All the presents will be out from under the tree, unwrapped and ignored after three minutes of use.
  • You’ll sing “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve (and then promptly go Google what “Auld Lang Syne” even means). 
  • Valentine’s Day. Giant boxes of chocolcate. Need I say more?
  • We’ll crown a national college football champ, a SuperBowl champ, and a Pro Bowling champ.
  • You’ll have the website you always wanted!

That last one is contingent, but you get the idea. We’re so excited for you to use our Ekklesia 360 platform that we’re willing to give it to you for free. Not forever free (we have to make a living somehow), but free to where your site will have that “lived-in” feel.

Ready to jump on board? Sign-up for any plan on Ekklesia 360 and we’ll forgo any monthly fees until folks start talking about filling out their March Madness brackets.

Over 5,000 organizations have trusted our technology, why shouldn’t you?

Deal? Deal. Go get ’em.

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