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Bloggers Unite! MonkDev Heads to Bloggers Meetup

Bloggers MeetupMonk Development is proud to announce our partnership with the 2011 Bloggers Meetup, happening in Atlanta one day prior to Catalyst.

What's a bloggers meetup? Simply put, a place where lots of bloggers meet and talk, well, blogs. Although self-explanatory, the meetup is one of the only places during the year that influential bloggers like Lindsey Nobles, Bryan Allain, Darrell Vesterfelt, Jeff Goins and Ally Spotts convene in one spot. It's serious blogging power.

Why would MonkDev sponsor a bloggers meetup? Great question. We're convinced that bloggers are some of the most influential leaders in the church and non-profit space. These are individuals who shape culture with their words, thoughts, ideas and concepts. Any time you have a group of innovative men and women gathered together to discuss web culture, MonkDev wants to be there.

At MonkDev, we're not only building websites for churches, ministries, non- and for-profits, we want to shape what the purpose of websites should be. Any company can slap together a website. MonkDev wants to partner with people on the front lines and help lead the discussion of where we're going with web culture. Partnering with great organizations like the Bloggers Meetup helps us do just that.

The event is October 5th from 7-10p EST. Registration is limited to 100 seats, so head over and register as soon as you can. We'll be there to meet, greet and talk shop about blogs, web culture, church websites, or anything else that comes to mind. Won't you join us?

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