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Free Ebook: Visual Church Website Analytics

Do you struggle to make sense of your church website analytics? If so, you're not alone. For most of us, numbers, charts, and graphs can pose a powerful threat. Fight or flight takes over and we drop tail and run before digging into the data. Read More »

Manage Your Homepage Rotating Slides with Ease

MonkDev releases Rotators and Rotators API to make updating rotating image banners a joy. Read More »

Setting Goals with Your Church Website

One of the first things we do when working with a church to develop their online presence is discover their organizational big idea. You can't do much else until you know why people in the organization are there. What do they believe in? What makes them tick? Why do they show up for work... Read More »

SURVEY: What's the Worst Thing About Your Church Website?

What bugs you the most about your church's website? Take a moment. Think through it. What drives you crazy? Read More »

Friars Club: Buying Based on Quality, Not Price

As a preaching pastor at Joshua House, a twenty-something community of Vineyard Columbus, Jonathan Rue knows what it takes to build a church. Unfortunately, some bad experiences with previous website companies left the church's website disheveled and in disarray. That's when Jonathan and his... Read More »

Serve Your Church with Web Analytics

Objections abound when it come to tracking, analyzing, and acting on church website data. Confusion about where to start, faulty beliefs about data application, and dreaded assumptions lead many a church worker to believe web stats don't matter. Read More »

Introducing New Monk LV Hanson!

LV Hanson is the most recent team member to join the family here at Monk Development. LV will be focusing on developing strategic relationships within our community. Read More »