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Introducing New Monk LV Hanson!

LV Hanson is the most recent team member to join the family here at Monk Development. LV will be focusing on developing strategic relationships within our community. He joins us after extensive experience in the church and events world, pastoring at Mariners Church and leading at the Catalyst West conference.

We sat down with LV recently and asked him a few questions about his love of travel, diverse cuisine, and movie-watching habits. Enjoy!

It's a well known fact you like to travel. Have you ever been to a part of the world you won't be returning to anytime soon?

Nope, I'd go back to any of the places I've visited. I've been to over 20 countries and was most nervous about Haiti, but would go back in a second. The only place that I'm still a little nervous about visiting is India, but am open to the adventure.

Similarly, what's the strangest/grossest/oddest thing you've ever eaten while traveling? Describe it to us.

Friends give me the hardest time about this, but when I lived in Slovenia I would frequent a shop in Ljubljana that served horse meat…and it was good! I hope this doesn't indict me with any animal activists.

On another note, I visited a place in Nairobi called Carnivore. they brought out skewer after skewer of different meats. I didn't realize it until after i was chewing it, but the waiter served me ox testicles. I won't elaborate, but I did not ask for seconds.

If someone meets you out and about, what are three things they'll walk away knowing about you?

  1. My name doesn't stand for anything.
  2. I love asking questions.
  3. They may think I'm an extrovert, but in reality I'm an outgoing introvert.

It's Saturday night. You have nothing on the agenda, no plans—nothing. How do you choose to spend your evening? What's a perfect Saturday night look like?

If I find myself with nothing going on a Saturday night, I'm wondering who wants to meet for happy hour and what new movie we can go see. Movies are like mini-vacations (and a little known fact about me, I'm totally fine going to movies by myself. Sad, I know!).

As someone who knows Catalyst West intimately, what's the best way for someone to get the most out of the experience?

Bring someone with you, stay for Thursday night, and absolutely make time to go through the chapel experience. For those who have been and want something different, volunteer. You become an extension of the Catalyst team and it's a whole new side, absolutely amazing!

Lastly, If you can, volunteer on the Experience Team.

Welcome to the team, LV! Help us roll out the red carpet by saying "hello!" to LV in the comments below.