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New Monk Will Montgomery

  Welcome to the team, Will Montgomery! Raised in Wilmington, NC, Will has since made his home in Nashville, TN where he works for Monk Development remotely. Upon meeting Will, you'll immediately notice that he's nice, Southern, and funny. He brings lightheartedness and laughter to a room... Read More »

Check Out Our New Church Website Theme

We're excited to release our latest e360 church website theme ten Boom! This theme was built from the ground up using ministry process design. As a result, we spent time thinking through how a church can use this theme to attract and engage their communities. We shared about that in the... Read More »

Exciting Changes in 2015 at MonkDev

At MonkDev, 2015 brings a number of new changes that we are excited about. Several years ago, we made a commitment to growing leaders throughout the company. As a result, we equipped them both through internal coaching and external training from professional coaches. To support lifelong... Read More »

Free eBook Ministry Process Design

  We often talk with churches that have great looking websites, but they’re not seeing movement: More visitors to their new here page People becoming engaged in small groups People stepping up to serve their communities Increased online giving At the same time we’ve... Read More »

Sneak Peek of the New e360 Theme, Ten Boom

If you’re considering a redesign in the new year, you need to check out our latest church website theme. We’ve designed this theme to have a clear focus on new visitors. From “invitation” to “what to expect” visitors will get a feel for what it’s... Read More »

Guess Who's Coming To Houston?

  We are! A few of us from MonkDev are heading to Houston to connect with church communicators. And, while we’re in town, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to host a church communicator Conclave. What Is Conclave? Conclave is a small, private gathering of church... Read More »

Top Blogs of 2014

  3 Quick Wins in Planning Your Next Church Website Working with churches of all shapes and sizes, I’ve learned that success online isn’t the byproduct of some sort of magic formula. Taking some design inspiration, mixing the newest and shiniest bells and functionality... Read More »

2014 at MonkDev - A Year in Review

Looking back on 2014 is a fun exercise. It’s pretty incredible what can happen in just one year’s time. We have a lot to be thankful for. First, we’re so thankful for you!! There is a growing community of Ekklesia 360 users around the nation. We are so blessed and... Read More »