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2014 at MonkDev - A Year in Review

Looking back on 2014 is a fun exercise. It’s pretty incredible what can happen in just one year’s time. We have a lot to be thankful for.

First, we’re so thankful for you!! There is a growing community of Ekklesia 360 users around the nation. We are so blessed and thankful to partner with churches to help further their mission online.

Whether we worked with you this past year, or you just follow what we’re up to from time to time, you make up the church. And we love the church.

Some additional 2014 highlights include:

New CMS Updates

We saw tons of Ekklesia 360 CMS updates this year. These releases represent our efforts to  future-proof Ekklesia 360 and ultimately your church website!

We understand that every minute you save editing your website can be used for other ministry tasks. That’s why we were so excited to announce the release of our drag and drop navigation.

Watch the short video to learn how this change saves you time when you update your church website navigation.

If you use Ekklesia to manage your church website, you may have noticed this year that the Ekklesia 360 CMS runs a lot faster…. like, A LOT faster!

That’s because we have a team of engineers that ensure your website is powered by the best technology. They work behind the scenes, so you don’t have to.

Our speed improvements to Ekklesia 360 CMS were so successful that we’ve seen a page that used to take between 4 to 8 seconds to load, now load in .3-.5 seconds!

To top off the year, we are most excited about our latest release of the new and improved forms builder! If you haven’t read about the new forms update yet, check out the full blog post here.

New e360 Themes

In addition to our CMS updates, we designed several new responsive e360 Themes.

These themes are not only responsive and up-to-date on website design trends, they were specially crafted to create ministry movement online for your church.

Oh, and they can be easily updated with your church colors and logo. Hooray!

Our 2014 e360 Themes include:

New Ministry Focused Layouts

Need to give your church website an extra ministry boost? Don’t worry, we have tons of ministry-focused page layouts for you to choose from.

A couple new page layouts from 2014 include our New Here Layout, perfect for welcoming new visitors to your website, along with our Live Stream Layout.

New Monks

We had some amazing new hires in 2014. Some standouts include KennyLorenLisaCrystalMichaelEliseAJ, and Jimmy.

Our team is growing and growing fast. If you’re interested in working at Monk, check out our job postings.

New Resources

In addition to our blog, we LOVE creating helpful content to assist you in your mission to create ministry movement online.

Here is a list of our favorite resources we created this year:

Get Ready for an Epic 2015

If you thought 2014 was great, get ready, because 2015 is going to be EPIC! For starters, we’ll be transitioning our blog to Don’t worry; we’ll keep you informed when that happens.

Until then, check back here for more amazing church website content.

We'll also be adding much more functionality to the Ekklesia 360 CMS. We can't say too much yet, but let's just say Ekklesia 360 CMS users will be able to know much more info to better serve their website visitors. 

Also, 2015 will have a big focus on Small Groups.

We LOVE the idea of moving church attenders into a small group setting to grow and learn as a church community. We want to help churches set themselves up for the MOST success online when it comes to communicating and registering people for a small group. Look for more on this in the coming year.

Top Resources from 2014

Want to keep up-to-date on the latest in church website trends and insight? We’d love for you to download our Top Resources from 2014, for FREE!

Download Free Resources

 What ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.