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Announcing Easy to Implement Staff Pages

Your church staff matters and we want you to show them off. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever for you to manage a staff page using your Ekklesia 360 hosted website.

Simplify Your Church Website Staff Page

We recently updated our Ekklesia 360 CMS to make your life easier when managing staff pages. It's great! You can arrange staff into groups (i.e. Pastors, Worship Team, Communications, PowerPoint Experts etc.) and place the listed staff in any order you choose.

Want to have the head pastor appear first? You can do that.

Want to order the staff alphabetically? You can do that too.

We even added a drag-and-drop feature in the Ekklesia 360 CMS so you can 'click' on the staff member you want to move and drag them to the position of your choosing.

Additional Features

This update also allows you to add in each staff member’s job title and social media links. What better way to connect with a potential new member than through social media? If you want, you can add in a Twitter handle of each staff member and even a link to their Facebook page.

It's all conveniently in a member form for you to fill out in your Ekklesia 360 CMS. This is great way for new visitors to get a feel for what makes your church tick: your people.

Show Off Your Staff!

Got questions about how you can start using this capability? We’d love to hear from you. Call us at (877) 452-0015 or email   for information and costs on installing new templates with this functionality.