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3 (More) Reasons to Head to the Bloggers Meetup

We'll heading down South to join the wildly popular, annual Bloggers Meetup. The Meetup gathers the best and the brightest from the blogging world on the eve of Catalyst, one of the most well-known Christian conferences in the evangelical world. We can't wait to connect with all the amazing bloggers that will be there!

As a sponsor, we want to give you a little "perk" just for showing up. If you're at the Meetup and find me, Justin, just say the magic word and I'll get you a free MonkDev t-shirt! What's the magic word?


That's right, in honor of the pending changes coming to our beloved Facebook, just find me and say "timelines" and we'll hook you up real quick.

Sound good? Good. Can't wait to meet all of you! See you in a few.

PS - Why three (more) reasons to go to the bloggers meetup? Organizer Bryan Allain already shared 10 (very funny) reasons for you to go. You can read that post here.

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