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What It Means To Build A Custom Site

Custom. Website. Those are two pretty packed words when placed together. You may have a dream for your own site in mind. Perhaps you think of another church’s. But what does it mean to do a custom site with MonkDev? What does it look like? How does it happen? Let’s explore that a... Read More »

Five features to boost your skills with Ekklesia 360

When using any online tool as part of your daily web production routine, it might be easy to miss some powerful features in those "uncharted" territories. At MonkDev, we want you to be able to reach, captivate, and grow your community using technology. To help, we regularly improve... Read More »

3 Quick Wins in Planning Your Next Church Website

As a content strategist at Monk, I've seen my fair share of bad church websites. It’s my job to take these low performing, inefficient websites and turn them into well-oiled ministry machines. Working with churches of all shapes and sizes, I’ve learned that success online... Read More »

FREE RESOURCE: What Every Team Needs to Know About Building a Church Website

When was the last time you were frustrated by your church website ? A client told us recently about a woman who sent a call out through social media, asking for recommendations for a local church. “Our family just moved to Denver and we’re not sure what church we’ll attend... Read More »

Why I loved attending Echo 2013

This was my second year attending Echo, a three-day gathering of artists, geeks, and storytellers who serve the Church. I have fond memories of last year, including listening to Tony Hale (aka Buster from Arrested Development) speak about his experience being a Christian in the showbiz... Read More »