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Double Your Social Media Fan Base in One Hour

If I told you that you could double your social meda fan base–followers on Twitter, Facebook fans and blog readers–in an hour, would you believe me? Of course you would. And you should! Why? Because I'm telling you the truth! I want to cordially invite you to our August 31st... Read More »

Stop Wasting Money on Offline Advertising For Your Church

If you're a church spending money on offline advertising like YellowPages and newspapers, you need to stop immediately! This article looks at why and what do spend those resources on instead! Read More »

Free Social Media Leadership Lesson

I was fortunate enough to present at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Research Symposium held in May in Orlando, FL. Monk was asked to come and present on the findings from some of our studies, focusing on what works (and what doesn't) across social networks. We met some amazing people... Read More »

The Willow Creek Leadership Summit Summary - Day One

A best-of summary of the first day of the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit! Written and composed by Monk's Social Media Director, Justin Wise Read More »

Building Your Social Media Base: Social Listening Tools

This is the first week in the "Building Your Social Media Base". We'll take a look at how to intelligently and consistently build up your social media fan base. This week we show you what tools to use to start listening! Read More »

Building Your Social Media Base: A Look Ahead

"How do I get more followers?" It's a question that we hear often at Monk. We've looked at how to build a basic social media strategy and how to do it in an hour or less. But we've never looked at how to get more fans until now. Right now, in fact. Read More »