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19 Top Church Website Designs of 2014

In 2014 we saw a number of amazing website designs that not only looked good but captured the church's ministry process. Below you’ll find some of the best church website designs of 2014. These are all sites that help people get connect to the church. We've highlighted 5 to share... Read More »

16 Top Church Website Theme Designs From 2014

With 2015 on the horizon, we’re looking back at some of the best church website themes of 2014. This is the second list in the series, check out the best themes from the start of 2014. Below are church website themes that stood out in the second part of the year. Each one was selected for... Read More »

Download the Top Resources from 2014!

2014 marked a shift in the way church communicators think about their work, but more importantly about their role in the church. Many of you are transitioning from a production shop mentality into new roles of leadership. This may be a slow shift for some of you, but it is definitely on the... Read More »

The Ekklesia 360 CMS Has a New and Improved Forms Builder!

People spend an average of 23 hours a week online with email, social media, and texting. ~ Business News Daily. That’s almost one entire day! They also spend 2 hours and 8 minutes a day browsing the internet on a pc or smartphone. ~ Nielsen Report  What are the chances your church... Read More »

Church Christmas Graphic Design Trends

Christmas is just around the corner and, if you’re like most communicators, you’ve already started promoting your Christmas Eve services. A main staple of your promotional efforts centers around a design that sets the tone for the season. You could have gone a number of directions... Read More »