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Monk Development Case Study


Pulling Out Planks: The MonkDev Redesign

Monk Development has been steadily growing for the past seven years. With several awards and one of the highest customer approval ratings in the business, we are one of the leading web development companies for churches. This does not mean that we were immune to the ever-changing landscape of today’s online arena. MonkDev’s site was outdated, basic and incohesive; it needed a dose of it’s own medicine.

Our Goals

  • Design a portfolio worthy of our clients’ work. View Portfolio
  • Present our thought-leadership in Christian online media View Resources
  • Highlight our emphasis on measurable results through case studies. 
  • Better reflect our mission online.
  • Reduce clutter and develop clear visitor focused Call-To-Action strategy.
  • Increase mobile accessibility through showcasing our responsive design capabilities.

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The Situation

MonkDev was in familiar territory when it came to redesigning their site. Unknown to most of our clients, we had begun the process three time prior to our most recent success. Simply put, the need was evident, but the solution was complicated. As with many churches, our site had requirements coming from different departments, each with their own unique needs. We also shared a similar burden when it came to budget. Unlike our usual work, an internal redesign did not come with any external revenue attached. We had a long list to accomplish and limited means to do so.

Undertaking the task of a full redesign was overwhelming even to us. Concerning content clutter, competing visual hierarchy and designing around our analytics, we were among the worst offenders. Beginning the process had to be strategic and intentional. 

The Solution

Strategy was the foundation of our new site. We underwent our own Mission Alignment Process (link) to identify our most important areas of growth and user activity. Content was streamlined and we took a holistic approach to our site’s architecture. MonkDev sought to make it’s mission, vision and values evident on it’s own site. This meant recognizing that each choice in design, implementation and content did not happen independently from one another. Changing one layout meant others would need to follow suit. Spending time on more complex implementation meant sacrificing time in other areas.


This project helped grow our team internally as well. Imagine a company full of employees that each know more than the average about web development. Now tell that company to build a new website. Needless to say, there were many valid opinions to take into consideration. As with any client’s project, we had to select a point-person, someone to have a final say. MonkDev also had to acknowledge that we were not above our own processes. We used the exact phases and timelines that we give clients in order to be success ourselves. 


The Stats

The results are still coming in, but in the meantime, we want to hear from you!