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The Story of Monk Development, Part Two

MonkDev Founder Drew Goodmanson started the company in 2005 with a desire to see churches leverage technology to further their organizational goals and mission. That simple vision has been the driving force behind the company, pushing its growth since day one.

I sat down with Drew to get his thoughts on the growth of MonkDev and the company's vision throughout the years. If you missed part one, you can read it here. Here is the conclusion of our interview with Drew.

Interview with Drew Goodmanson

What encourages you about the future of online ministry? Where do you see the biggest growth areas for churches doing ministry online?

We are in the third wave of online ministry. Churches are Corporations, Communities, and Causes. The first wave of online ministry was about websites, communicating one-way the corporate side of the ministry. It was about who we are, what we believe and brochure-style information for people to read. Next it became about Community; social media, private community websites and integrating these types of interactions was the focus.

We are now entering the hardest but an encouraging phase: Cause. Churches are just starting to think about ways to translate their discipleship, training, and ministry functions online. This is a more expensive endeavor, to build out the apps and tools to help bring ministry functionality to the people. Ultimately it will be one that I see as critical to the future of doing ministry online. 

50 years from now, what will the ministry landscape look like? With hindsight being 20/20, how will future generations evaluate the legacy the early 21st century church has established?

I believe the local church will become more decentralized. The priesthood of all believers will not just be believed but lived out more fully. Technology will be a great assistant to this transformation. Further, technology will allow for the conversation to become less about church attendance to active discipleship. Local church leadership will have a far better pulse on the people who attend the church in a real time basis.

Hindsight will see that our current generation is a bridge-generation between two enormously different worldviews. We are the ones who God has put in place to steward the transition and we will be known by how the church emerges from this dynamic period.

What else do we need to know?

With all that was said, we need to know is the good news that we are just walking out the victory that God has accomplished. God has promised He will build the church, so technology/transition or not doesn’t matter. I love walking in that freedom that our hope is secure in the accomplished work of Jesus Christ.


MonkDev's desire has been, and always will be, to serve the local church through technology. This vision compels not only Drew, but the rest of the team here at Monk Development. This abiding passion guides and directs all of our efforts as a company and as disciples of Jesus. Here's to another seven years and beyond!

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