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The State of Mobile Church Websites

Free Ebook: Mobile Church Websites Survey Results

62% of churches do not have a mobile version of their website. Yet 80% find a mobile church website to be moderately to extremely important! Are you one of them?

As we discussed in our previous post "What is Your Church Mobile Web Strategy?", mobile internet consumption is growing at an astonishing rate. Because of this, we conducted a mobile church survey to highlight current trends and showcase where mobile usage in the church is headed. Our survey had great results which we turned into a short ebook to share with you! 

If you are interested in the state of mobile church websites, please download the ebook, "Mobile Church Websites Survey Results".

This resource will give you actionable results from our mobile survey and help you achieve ministry goals with your mobile website.

P.S. – We'd like to thank all the contributors who participated in this mobile survey and a big congrats to our $25 Amazon giftcard winner, Dan from Hope Point Nazarene Children's Minstry in Yuba City, CA!