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Stop Wasting Money on Church Websites by Starting with a Ministry Design Process

Churches often come to MonkDev to have us build their website. A common question they ask is, “Why are you different from other web design firms.” It’s a good question, and one all churches should ask as they consider organizations to help them with their website.

The answer for us is simple: The biggest reason we are different is that we are not a web design firm. MonkDev was created by pastors who saw how technology could be used to further the mission of the local church.

How MonkDev Helps Churches

This idea is central to why we exist:

MonkDev leads the way for Christian Churches to use information technology to attract, engage and develop their communities.   

Our goal isn’t to give people pretty websites, sexy mobile apps or private community portals. Our goal is to help you do ministry better. Period.

Increasingly, we run into churches who invested in a website, but realized it did not help them do ministry. The website raised more problems than it solved.  Our commitment is to ensure clients at MonkDev never experience this pain.

What is Your Ministry Design Process?

One of the ways we feel that we deliver tremendous value, is we approach things from a Ministry Design Process.

The Ministry Design Process identifies how your church does ministry and then works to translate this to the web. We do this as part of our Strategic Service offering during our Organizational Strategy Session. The image above is a small taste of the process. (If you're interested, click here to learn about our Church Strategy Process.) 

The goal is to take the mission of the church and walk through a process to discover key ministry initiatives which we help translate to the web environment. Here's an example from a church we worked with recently:  

Delivering Results for Churches

Sample ministry challenges we’ve helped churches with include:

  • The church has stopped growing or the congregation is aging.
  • Communications is not clear or reaching the desired audience.
  • People aren’t engaged or participating in community and they don’t know what is the next step for them.
  • Leadership development and discipleship paths aren’t clear.
  • Giving is down, serving is down and people don’t know how to get involved.

Next, we work with the church to set up web-applicable SMART goals. We believe this process helps with far more than just websites. It’s learning how to focus on different audience segments to encourage behaviors of value to the local church.

Can we help you go from 40% to 60% of your community in small groups? How about we work to increase the amount of new people by 20%? These are the types of ministry challenges we like, and these are ones we believe the web can help you accomplish.

When we worked with the 18,000-member Eagle Brook Church in the Twin Cities, one of their staff members said of the process, "It helped me focus on what our values are and how to reflect that on the website. It raised awareness of what’s hurting us so we can address it moving forward."

Don Wamboldt of Worship Center in Lancaster, PA said the Strategy Session, "changed how we think about ministry. We're getting an updated website, but we're also getting so much more."

Would you like to talk with one of our team members about designing a ministry prcoess for your church?  , or call today at 619-757-2626.

This post is a part of a Large Church & Multisite Content Strategy white paper we'll be releasing next month. Learn strategies on how churches create, update, and focus content for their website. MonkDev newsletter subscribers will receive exclusive access to this publication. Join our newsletter today.