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Meeting Monk Makes Man More Mobile

When a good portion of our team was at CLA Orlando earlier this month, we knew we were going to make someone really happy.

No, it wasn't because CEO Drew Goodmanson, COO Etienne de Bruin, and I were presenting on subjects ranging from developing an app to how to build a powerful web strategy. It wasn't because T.J. Jones, our dashing business development team lead, was showcasing our flagship product Ekklesia 360.

It was because we were going to give away a brand new iPad to one fortunate soul. And so we did. And Gary Hoag, from Littleton, CO, was our lucky winner.

Here's a portion of the email he wrote us after learning he'd won:


My family was speechless and overjoyed last night. My 16-year old son, who is tech support for our family, was totally curious of which model, how many gigs, etc. I said, we will be thrilled with whatever it is. Can't wait to receive it!

Can you think of a better job than crafting clean, simple, and elegant online presences for people and getting to spread iPad joy, all at the same time?

I know. Me neither.

Congrats to Gary and his family. The next time you're at the same conference as us, make sure you stop by our booth. You'll get to meet our team, learn about our helpful products, and, heck, you may even win an iPad in the process!

In closing, here's a list of things we learned at CLA this year:

  • Losing your wallet is never fun. Turns out, with a lot of pleading with TSA, you can get on an airplane without your license.
  • Orlando is hot. All the time.
  • The convention center we stayed at has one of the best breakfast buffets of all time. Fresh fruit, omelettes made to order, smoked lox, fresh juices galore. Mmm!
  • CLA is in good hands with new CEO Tami Heim. Our whole team thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and hear her vision for the org.
  • Can't wait to do it all over again next year!

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