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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

It is such a gift that we have a day dedicated to being thankful, spending time with loved ones, and reflecting on all the blessings God has provided for us,

Keeping with this thankful spirit, I asked a few of our team members to reflect on the year and share what they are most thankful for. What I received truly blew me away!

Here are a few of my favorites.

What We’re Thankful For:

”I am so thankful for the encouragement we receive from our customers. Any and all kind words, thoughtful postscripts, happy tweets are powerful gifts that quickly connect us back to the heart and purpose of our mission at Monk. As encouraged people, we more easily exchange perfectionism and performance for real service.” - Chris Ullyott, Customer Advocate

“I am extremely thankful to be working alongside churches on a day to day basis. I firmly believe that design can be a very powerful tool for ministries. It is so rewarding to use design to build community, start conversation, and spread the gospel.” - Jenn Craycraft, Designer

”I am most thankful for clients that represent Christ in their business dealings as much as they do on Sunday mornings. Monk Development is made up of a bunch of Christians working with other Christians to further spread the Gospel online. We are all human. We have bad days and good ones, triumphs and mistakes. I am thankful for clients like Glendale Nazarene Church who showed such grace when we made an honest mistake with leaving an FTP client open. I am thankful for the many staff members at The Village Church who were so encouraging to me when their usual contact was out of town. I had the opportunity to speak to several different people over that week and each one was equally kind and patient as I brought them up to speed. Port City Church and Eagle Brook Church were always a joy to work with because even on their most frustrated days, they were excited to work with me toward their end goals.” - Korrie Bartels, Product Manager

”I am thankful to work alongside such a dedicated and passionate team who desire not to have a job but to make a difference.” - Jesse Craycraft, Customer Experience Manager

“I feel thankful for a big year of change for the de Bruins. In March a lifelong dream came true for me when my parents moved to San Diego from South Africa so I, their firstborn, can take care of them. Even greater joy that they were able to be here for the birth of our daughter, Colette! It didn’t take long for them to assume their new profession  as full time grandparents to 3 precious angels. It has also been a year of renewed focus and clarity at MonkDev which continues to inspire me to be a better business partner to my colleagues and a greater servant to our customers. My gratitude and thankfulness is rooted in the love of our God to us through His Son Jesus Christ of whom I endeavor to be a lifelong follower through the grace He gives me.” - Etienne de Bruin, Chief Technology Officer

”I am thankful for people in my life that encourage me to develop my relationship with Christ. I am even more thankful that many of these people are my coworkers at MonkDev.” - Jodi Roberts, Product Marketing Specialist  

We’d love to hear what you’re most thankful for! Please share by leaving a comment.

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