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Get Your Church Website Ready For Christmas - Part 3

This is the third post in a 3-part blog series. Each post will provide you with valuable knowledge to help get your church website in gear in time for Christmas.     

If you’re like most churches MonkDev serves, then your website will have a high volume of web traffic over the next few weeks.

With all these new visitors, you want to make sure your website is set up for success. You certainly don’t want to miss the mark at Christmas. In part 1, you saw a few ways to remove frustration. In part 2, you saw your website from a visitor's perspective. In part 3 we want to help you reach ministry goals. 

Your Christmas Webpage Checklist
  1. Words Of Welcome
  2. Worship Times
  3. Directions / Map
  4. Special Instruction (Parking, Shuttles, Live animals, etc...)
  5. A way for visitors to invite their family and friends
  6. Social Media Share Buttons 

You probably already have everything from this checklist and more. Your Christmas page is optimized to give visitors all the information they need to attend your Christmas services. But is it set up to reach your ministry goals? 

Optimize your Christmas page to include your ministry goals

More people are going to visit your Christmas page than almost any other page on you website. It is the perfect place to include your ministry goals.

Want more people to be involved with your church on social media? Ask them to join, follow, and like and then give them a reason to do so.

Do you have a newsletter that shares stories, events, and news about your church? Add a link to sign-up for your newsletter.

Is your church focused on growing small groups, life groups, etc...?

Create a short video of a group wishing all your visitors a Merry Christmas. In the description of the video include a link to your small group page.

Do you have a class or event for new visitors to help them get started at your church? Invite people to attend and include a link to more information.

Don’t go overboard, pick one or two key ministry goals and include them on your Christmas page.

Do you want to start using your website to reach ministry goals?

Contact us to find out how our ministry design process can help your church reach it’s ministry goals 

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